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Professional Driver Training

Professional Driver Training

The right solution for a professional driver and a racing team


THE SIMULATOR: F1Driving has been developed thanks to the valuable cooperation and advice of teams and some professional and international racing drivers, from F.3 to F.1
The simulation software includes a physics model for different kind of cars having the features very close to the real. It can simulate also a private test session or a race with virtual opponents. The virtual car has more then 120 parameters to modify its setup and at the beginning of every session we prepare the simulator with an optimal setup developed by our tester but it can be modified with the driver's suggestions during the session.

The simulator is equipped with these control systems:

  • Steering wheel with a paddle shift and clutch equipped also with a multifunctions display with many informations as a rpm, gear, lap times, etc. The steering system is connected to the simulator by a quick release and it gives to the driver the strenght and feedback as a real car when it drives over the kerbs, bumps or when the car has oversteer or understeer
  • Adjustable hydraulic pedalset with a real brake pressure strenght up till 100 kgs.
  • Chassis equipped with moveable seat and seat belts, feedback system that gives to the driver all sensations from the ground (bumps, kerbs, shift, engine vibrations, etc)
  • Body with a real single seater forms installed in front of three 50" monitors
  • Real time remote control and check system of main virtual car parameters as tyre wear, tyre temps, engine, gears, oil and tyre pressures, fuel, lap and split times, throttle and brake use, G-forces
  • Intercom between driver and engineer/assistant
  • MoTeC i2 telemetry

Visively, three 50" monitors reproduce the track, car wheels and suspensions giving to the driver the impression of being truly on a real car; also the wheels reproduce in real time the steering wheel movement. Tyres and brakes must be heated as in the real life. Off-track situations are penalized with the need to slow down for cleaning the rubber and recovering its grip over, that in the event of a collision against the tyrewalls, kerb or wall could damage parts of the car as suspensions or wings. ARC_Team actually has these virtual cars in its system: Formula Abarth – Formula 3 – Euroseries 3000 (Auto GP), GP2, GP2 Asia, Formula 1.

Nowadays we don't replicate other slower cars since the target is to improve perceptions by mental and physical stress requiring the maximum concentration to allow the driver to have consistency in lap times as well as faster reaction. Furthermore, each parameter is well represented: layout paths, car behaviour and handling, setup for local adjustments (over 120 independent settings). At the beginning of each session we provide an optimal setup developed by our testers but it could be adjusted according to needs of each driver.

CREDITS: Walter Penker Racing, a famous austrian drivers school, has reached with us an important partnership buying 2 simulators and preparing several racing drivers including Andreas Zuber, Michael Herck (GP2 Main Series) and Mirko Bortolotti. Beyond Penker, other private drivers have trust in F1Driving and they bought a prsonal simulator to training theirself or for fun.

WHO HAS ALREADY BELIEVED IN US:The system of training proposed by ARC_Team has already received many consensus among those who believed in this project as importand drivers as Marco Bonanomi, Andrea Montermini, Davide Valsecchi, Alberto Valerio, Toni Vilander, Andreas Zuber, Claudio Cantelli, Giacomo Ricci, Carlos Iaconelli, Sam Bird, Michael Dalle Stelle, Alvaro Parente, Edoardo Piscopo, Adrian Zaugg, Johnny Cecotto Jr, Valdimir Arabadzhiev, Plamen Kralev, teams Durango, Qi-Meritus, GP Racing Piquet Sports, Trident Racing, Coloni Motorsport, Barwa Addax, EmmeBi Motorsport, Line Race Technology, Corbetta Competizioni, MG-Motorsport and MAC Competition!